Terminal Blocks
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  • TBU terminal block may fit in either TBR-N or TBU-N rails simply with the frame-pressed line.
  • It's made of quenched and galvanized premiumsteel.
  • Can use matching short-circuit tag.The design conforms to the requirem ents of international standard IEC60947-7-1.
    TBU-2.5N TBU-4N TBU-6N
    Specifications IEC IEC IEC
    Rated current 24A 32A 41A
    Rated voltage 800V 800V 800V
    Cross - section 2.5mm2 4mm2 6mm2
    Single center 22-12AWG 22-10AWG 20-8AWG
    Complex center 22-12AWG 22-10AWG 20-8AWG
    Rated impulse voltage 5KV 5KV 5KV
    Tightening torque range 4kgf.cm 6kgf.cm 10kgf.cm
    Clamping screw M2.6 M3 M3.5
    Insulation stripping
    10~12mm 10~12mm 10~12mm
    Accessories Type              Qty. Type            Qty. Type           Qty.
    Marking tags
    TBU2.5N-A      100 TBU4N-A      100 TBU6N-A      100
    End bracket
    TBU2.5N-F       10 TBU2.5N-F     10 TBU2.5N-F     10
    End plate    
    TBU2.5N-F     100 TBU2.5N-F    100 TBU2.5N-F    100
    Mounting rails
    TBR-N(AI)/TBR-S(S) 1 TBR-N(AI)/TBR-S(S) 1 TBR-N(AI)/TBR-S(S) 1
    TBU-N(AI)/TBR-S(S) 1 TBU-N(AI)/TBR-S(S) 1 TBU-N(AI)/TBR-S(S) 1
    Cross - connection
    TBU2.5N-CU2 2P 50 TBU4N-CU2 2P 50 TBU6N-CU2 2P 50
    TBU2.5N-CU4 3P 50 TBU4N-CU4 3P 50 TBU6N-CU4 3P 50
    TBU2.5N-CU4 4P 50 TBU4N-CU4 4P 50 TBU6N-CU4 4P 50
    TBU2.5N-CU10 10P 20 TBU4N-CU10 10P 20 TBU6N-CU10 10P 20
    Cross - connection
    TBU2.5N-CS2 2P 50 TBU4N-CS2 2P 50 TBU6N-CS2 2P 50
    TBU2.5N-CS3 3P 50 TBU4N-CS3 3P 50 TBU6N-CS3 3P 50
    TBU2.5N-CS4 4P 50 TBU4N-CS4 4P 50 TBU6N-CS3 4P 50
    TBU2.5N-CS10 10P 20 TBU4N-CS10 10P 20 TBU6N-CS10 10P 20