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¡¡¡¡The upper base and contact block of TN2 series are detachable.The protection strucure for this series is IP65(IEC144) for waterproof,oll tight and dust proof in harsh environment except Twin -Touch push button and illuminated push button switches are IP40.
¡¤Configuration of switches
TN2 series switches are detachable in 3 sub-assembly.It consists of upper base,fixing block and contact block.
Assembly and disassembly of fixing block with upper base
Assembly and disassembly of fixing block with contact block
Assembly£º Aling the hole on top of fixing block with groove on the upper base and push them together.
Disassembly£º Place downward by hand or use flat screwdriver to push down the orange button thru the hole on top of fixing block.
Assembly£º Aling the fixxing slot on the fixing block to clip slot on the contact block.

Disassembly£º Use flat screwdriver toward fixing slot to lift up clip and snap for disassembly.