16m/m control units
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TN16 series are highly modular detachable switches, including upper base, contact block holder and contact block. When disassembling, press the contact block holder in the direction of arrow with ”°Push”± by manual or a flat”°-”±screwdriver to disassemble contact block assembly from upper base. To disa- ssemble contact block from contact block holder, insert the screwdriver in the groove between contact block and contact block holder, then twist it .
When Assembling the contact block and contact block holder, aiming the rectangular sport on the contact block to the rectangular fixing hole on the contact block holder,then push in. Aiming the white pin of the contact block assembly to the slot of white pin located on the upper base to assemble the switch.

Mounting method
The lamp terminal for pilot lamp and illuminated push button switch is in the middle position which is 90 degrees from other terminals.
Method of replacing color lens, insert a flat ”°-”±screwdrive into the groove of the lens twist it.
The legend plate can be removed by detaching the lens, and replace the legend plate you need.
”¤The space of mounting holes (mm)  
(Round, square) pilot lamp, illuminated push button switch
(Rectangular) pilot lamp, illuminated push button switch (square) protection cover
(Round, square, rectangular) selector, key switch (Round, square)waterproof cap (Rectangular) protection cover
Mushroom head, push-lock push button Switch
Rectangular waterproof cap